Bandwidth usage

Hi, I’m getting emails about my bandwidth reaching max capacity.

I haven’t published anything new in a while not shared a link with anyone and I’m not sure which site is actually using so much bandwidth.

Could I be getting targeted by a bot or something as this much bandwidth seems unusual for me? Is there a way to check my bandwidth history?

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Hey @czaas :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums :netliconfetti: This is a great question. Currently, there is no way for you to check which site is using more bandwidth on your end. We have an issue for this, and one of the Netlify teams is working on changing this. For now, we can look into this on our end for you.

Can you please share your Netlify site name? This will allow us to dig in further. Thanks!

I have 15 sites under “Cameron’s team”. Is there another site name you’re looking for?

Something interesting is I got an email that said I used 90% and logged in this morning and it showed 90% used.

But I just logged in and it now shows 53% used.

50GB still seems high so I do appreciate you looking into it.

Thank you!

Hey @czaas

Great point! Instead, go ahead and share your account ID and we can check using that!

Thank you.

It’s back to 91GB :confused:

I’m not seeing my account ID listed anywhere. I do see my slug is “czaas”

Hey there, @czaas

So I have taken a look, and it looks like thirsty-lalande-3d7a33 is the site using your bandwidth, specifically for this image. My suggestion would be starting by making this smaller to reduce bandwidth.

Oh! I know exactly where that is being used. I’ll get that taken care of. Thank you!

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Happy to help! Let us know if you have any other questions that pop up related to this :slight_smile: