High bandwidth used - cannot understand why

  • Site name sleepy-knuth-1de610.netlify.app

Hi all,
I’m facing a strange problem of high bandwidth usage from some months.
I tried activating even analytics but is not helping me too much.
From what I can see, the code released is under 200kb per page and all the other downloaded content is related to external providers (advertisement , analytics and so on, that should not count as bandwidth because they are downloaded from other domains).

No particular changes and I don’t understand what to explore to solve the issue.
One year ago, similar visitors number, it was less than half the usage.

Do you have any hints of what can I check to solve the problem or understand what are the biggest and most downloaded files?

I also see that the biggest part of users are from US and France, my website (for content and google analytics data) is 99.9% used only in Italy by italians. Can it be related to bot? Why a so high number? Can I block it in some way?

real domain is www dot tennistalker dot it

thanks a lot

Hi @emish89 :wave:t6: welcome back to the forums! I have escalated your query to our helpdesk. Please stay tuned to your email.

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