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Suddenly high bandwidth usage

Hi there!

Could someone help me figure out why my bandwidth usage is so high this month. I’m looking at passing the free tier and I haven’t got any sites that should generate that much traffic.

I’ve got the sites:

  • michaelsimsoe
  • blissful-sammet-456578
  • board-gotr
  • spacex-timeline
  • letha-react
  • topgames
  • hungry-kepler-c28b55
  • husetcafeogmotell
  • husetmotell-test
  • amazing-almeida-f48267

Off these husetcafeogmotell is the only one which generates any traffic.

Hi, @michaelsimsoe. I see there is also a support ticket opened about this same issue and we’ll follow-up with you there.

If you don’t receive an email about the support ticket for any reason though, please do reply here to let us know.

Got it. Thank you!
It was all due to a layer 8 error. From me.