Very high bandwidth usage this month


We have a very high bandwidth usage this month, this has never happened before and we have not changed anything particular to the content of our 2 websites hosted by netlify.

The biggest site of the two is “” and we checked this month’s traffic via google analytics, we only had 1500 visitors. How can we get more information on the reason for this increase?

I don’t see any history of our consumption but I’m sure we were far from reaching the monthly limit of 100 Gb. We received for the first time an alert warning that we had reached 50% of the allocated traffic on November 13, then 75% on November 15 and we are at 176 Gb consumed on November 20. This sharp increase scares us a little because I repeat, we only have two hosted sites, one of which is a simple promotional site, and we have not changed anything particular this month in our sites.

What can we do ? Could someone help us understand this problem ?

Thanks in advance !

I have the exact same issue. Our bandwidth usage has spiked to 2.3TB in the last month. One thing I noticed is that static assets which should be returning 304 no content are returning 200 with the full content instead, even when the correct etag is being sent by the client. I tried to reach out to Netlify support to report this bug, but it looks like they have closed down their support to paid plans only.

Hi @rbiiiii! Welcome to netlify community.

You have a large video on your site (tdlm_site_intro-video.mp4) that has used 181 Gb of bandwidth over the past 30 days. Reducing that file size would go a long way in decreasing your overall bandwidth consumption.

Hi @esetnik! Welcome to netlify community.

We have received your support ticket. Your issue is more complex but we are working on it, and will reply shortly!

Hi @laura !

Thank you very much for your answer, I am surprised that this only happens this month when this video has been available for more than a year. I will use an external streaming service for the video to avoid this excessive consumption.

Have a great day !

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