Unable to link to github repo


I’m having trouble configuring github to deploy. I’m able to connect to github, but in step 2, “select repository,” I’m unable to finish configuration. After I click “Configure Netlify on Github,” I’m taking to a github config page. I click through it, then I’m taken to a blank netlify page with the following url: https://api.netlify.com/github/app-installed?installation_id=6877721&setup_action=update

I’m not sure what’s going on.

Hey @zekenie,

At Step 2, you should see a list of your repositories. Have you already created/cloned the repo?

So long as the repository is there, it’s a case of click & build! :slight_smile:

Failing this, it may be wise to clear cookies & cache, particularly if you have a couple of different accounts.

Thanks for replying! When I clear all local storage, cache, cookies, and log in, I’m getting the same thing. When I load the page, I see this

When I click configure github I see their config page

I scroll down and click save

This window is blank, when I go back to the parent window, it is unchanged.

I tried to post more screenshots but I’m being limited to 1 per post

zekenie, i am wondering if you have any browser extensions running that might change the way the page is behaving. Can you switch them off or try in an incognito window and see if that works? I’m also changing a setting, you should be allowed to post more images now. We have some spam preventions in place for new users.

I thought that too because I normally use Brave, and sometimes sites don’t work on Brave. But I am experiencing the same behavior on Chrome where I have no extensions installed.

hmm. can you add some more screenshots or maybe a short screen recording of what you are seeing?

I got it working. I think I was just confused by the UI. It was set to my personal repos, but I was looking for my work ones. When I clicked the carrot and switched to my work repos I saw them. There was still the confusing bit of the popup window going white and looking like it didn’t work

glad you got it to work :+1: