Tried to move site from one account to another manually

Hi guys,

Sorry if the tag is wrong, I could’nt find one more appropriate. Also, I have seen a few post of people with similar needs, but none had the exact same issue.

My issue: I have an other account and had added a website to this account. However, in an attempt to compartmentalize everything I decided to create a new account for this site. Here comes this account (which I’m using on this forum).
But I can’t seem to be able to add my custom domain to my site. I removed the domain from the previous account and removed the netlify DNS tags (not really sure what they’re called) from my domain provider. I even tried completely deleting the site from the other account, but to no avail.

I get the custom_domain is owned by the other account everytime I tried. I have waited several days now, and it sill returns the same error.

Is there anything we can do ?

Thanks for your time,

Hi @JustineTorres, welcome.

Can you tell us the netlify instance name of the sites in question(“”) , as well as the domains you are trying to connect them to?

Hi, thanks for your reply!

For now, the netlify instance name is and I would like to connect it to

Do you also need the previous account ?

Le mar. 21 janv. 2020 à 21:20, Perry via Netlify Community a écrit :

We have sent you an email about removing this domain for the other Netlify site/team. We’ll complete the process using that email for communication.

Also, please let us know with a reply here if you don’t receive it.