How do you use a domain used with a different netlify account?

I have a domain that was previously registered to my designer’s netlify account. Now I need to add it to my own account. The designer has removed the domain from his site but it still gives ‘registered to another account error’. How can this issue be resolved?

Hi, @sugarcube1411, we can check to see what is happening with the domain in question and make suggestions based on what we find. Which domain is this happening for? (If you want to tell us privately instead of sharing the domain publicly, let us know and we’ll create a direct message for this purpose.)

Thank you very much,
the domain is

Hi @luke,

I’m having the same issue with my domain. I would like to discuss this by private message if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @bramd!

I will email you so we can tackle your issue! Closing this post.

For anyone who is having this problem please check if the dns zone in the team settings (read: not site settings) is deleted. Once the dns zone for the domain is deleted, it is transferable between accounts. Thanks @laura for all your help.