"[Domain] or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team"

I’m trying to add a custom domain to a Netlify site. I want it to be reachable at [sitename].[domain].com, meaning I’m trying to add a subdomain.

Our company has two Netlify accounts. This might not be the best set-up, but it’s what we have – a prod account, and a dev account.

The domain I’m trying to add is already registered with Netlify DNS on our prod account. Unfortunately, this is a bit confusing as we’ve since stopped using the Netlify DNS, but the entry is still there.

The site I’m trying to add the subdomain to is on our dev account. When I try to add it, I get the following output:

I’m not sure of the repercussions of transferring that DNS zone to our dev team, but I tried anyway and got this error:

[Domain] has a conflicting custom domain in another account

It seems I’m at an impasse, and my only other option is to delete the DNS zone from our production team (which shouldn’t have any effect on our DNS routing because again, it’s actually being managed elsewhere now), but I do worry that this might break something internal to Netlify.

What should I do? Delete the DNS zone? Work towards transferring ownership to our dev team?

This is doubly confusing as I can see that other sites in our dev team do have custom domains configured going to this domain; I can only speculate as to how this was achieved previously.

Note: If you need any information such as the names of the teams, or the domain name, please do DM me.


Thanks for reaching out. I escalated your query to our help desk. Stay tuned.

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