Can't reuse domain

I’m trying to move a custom domain from one account to another. It’s been completely removed from the first account and the DNS records reset to the registrars defaults.I’ve waited long enough for the TTL to run out.

When trying to add it to the second account I get the message:

custom_domain is owned by the other account

Consequently my site is down :frowning:

Hi, @nneil, what is the custom domain you want to use with the new account?

Currently associated with affectionate-wright-6b52a3

Currently associated with affectionate-wright-6b52a3

Hi, @nneil, I’m showing that domain still configured here:

Please delete the configuration at the bottom of that page. Once this is deleted, you will be able to add that domain, on a different team, as a site’s custom domain and/or as a new DNS zone configuration in Netlify DNS (on the new team).

Note: the Netlify DNS configuration exists but isn’t active at this time. Because it isn’t in use, deleting it shouldn’t cause any changes or affect that domain (outside of Netlify’s internal behavior) in any way.

If this doesn’t work, please let us know.

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That worked. Thank you :smile:

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