Custom Domain Deployment Issue

Hey so I logged into netlify using my github. I then hosted a website and used a custom domain. It was working perfectly but I ended up deleting that netlify account and making a new one. Now when I go to host a website using that same custom domain it says custom_domain is owned by the other account. Is there anyway I can rectify this? Thanks!

Edit: So I looked for someone with the same issue and the support engineer basically deleted the DNS zone for him.
You did delete your first Netlify account but the DNS zone remained. I’ve just deleted it from that account, so things should work better for you now. Let us know if you run into any more issues!
Could someone do that for me please? Thanks!

Would love to, if only you had told us what domain you are using in your message.

In the future, please heed the warnings in our UI. They are quite clear that when you delete an account, you will not easily be able to re-use DNS Zones you have configured in that account - deleting an account is intended as not a “reset state” option but instead to proclaim that “I am leaving netlify forever” :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m definitely gonna keep that in mind going forwards. The domain is Thanks for the help!

That’s been removed from our systems, @ziyak97. It will work for the new site/account now.

If there are any issues or questions, please let us know.