Facing an error "custom_domain is owned by the other account" after deleting user

Hello community, I would like to seek some help from you.

Recently I have been facing an issue while configuring my external DNS to Netlify DNS. This issue got bumped into me after deleting my user from danger zone. I thought I will not face any issues if I delete and re-configure everything, just to make my account look fresh and more organized.

Netlify URL: https://leewardslope.netlify.com
My Domain URL: https://blog.leewardslope.com

> Issue: custom_domain is owned by the other account

I can provide you any information you need if this error can be resolved.

Hi Akhil,

That DNS Zone is configured in what I guess is a different account, one called “ourconfig” created last August on our service. If you set the site up in that account (which someone named Akhil, so I suppose it is you :)) owns, then you’ll be able to use the hostname. Names are not usable in accounts other than the one the DNS Zone is set up in, which is the source of that error.

Since you seem to use cloudflare, you could remove the DNS Zone from our side here, which would unblock you: https://app.netlify.com/teams/ourconfig/dns/leewardslope.com#delete-dns-zone

I thought I Reset/Deleted my account but the information you gave me about “ourconfig” made me realize that it was my previous account and solved my issue. Thank you, my site was up and running now.