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Transfer custom domain (Namecheap) from one account to other account

Hi Team,

I am trying to map custom domain to one of my site. Domain is currently attached to the other account that I own(personal). I want to remove custom domain from the personal account and move to this account. What should I do?

@team_draftbox Welcome to the Netlify community.

What happens when you go to the dashboard for the personal account and select “Remove Domain” in Site Settings -> Domain Management -> Domains -> Custom Domains? You should be able to remove the link on this page, then go to the dashboard for your other site and add your custom domain there.

Domain is currently not attached to any site. Also, I checked https://app.netlify.com/teams/thandaanda/dns but I am not able to see the domain.

@team_draftbox If your custom domain is currently pointing to a web site, there must be DNS records somewhere.

Perhaps you should share your custom domain so other can try to see what’s going on?

Hi Team,

I managed to figure out the solution. It was attached to my other account.