Some Netlify sites unavailable - please see our status page for more information

Staff update:

Hey all! We’re currently experiencing some issues with an upstream provider. You can keep up with the incident here:

Please check this guide for how to mitigate this issue: [Support Guide] Minimizing the impact of load balancer downtime

Thanks for your patience!

2 of my sites arent working

Yeah my site is down too…looks like a DNS issue. If I go into the domain settings it says “Check DNS configuration”.

I can view my site from the last deploy’s “preview” URL though. So I think (hope) Netlify are having an issue.

Is this the case for you too?

We’re experiencing the same issue…

nope nothing works for me

Came here searching for the same issue. My website is down too. I can access it using the deploy preview URL but Netlify’s load balancer is not working. Hopefully they will resolve it soon.

Same here. Seems to be connected to Netlify Status - CDN Issues

okay I can go back to bed then! haha thanks good to hear it’s not just me.

I had a feeling it wasn’t my fault because both my sites are down on Netlify…but I had just push a deploy so was a little nervous.

thanks, yeah it seems we could fix it by changing our DNS to the ANAME method…but I think I’m going to wait it out.

I like my good old fashioned A record.

Hey all! We’re currently experiencing some issues with an upstream provider. You can keep up with the incident here:

Thanks for your patience!

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Mistik, can you not use your last deploy’s preview URL?

Yep we are going through the same thing here

Just got this from support too:

Sorry for the trouble! Our primary load balancer - - is down due to an issue at our network provider, google. We’re tracking this incident on our statuspage at and will provide updates as things develop there and on twitter as @netlifystatus - please subscribe to one of those for the fastest updates.

To mitigate effects, if you can, do not use the load balancer; all of our normal CDN nodes, accessed by CNAME or Netlify-hosted DNS, are not affected. This article has some more details about the configuration of our CDN that may prove useful if you attempt to make changes to mitigate the problem:

We’ll continue to work with you here in the helpdesk as well but due to the outage we have very high rate of contact so our updates here will not be as real-time as those from statuspage.

Im confused though, why are none of my domains working?

We’ve got 1 site down too, first time we’ve had to use the special load balancer IP, and it’s down within a few days of setting it up. Normally netlify is nice and reliable, hope this is a one off.

All our & earlier domains are working OK


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hi all, we are continuing to work on this issue - we will update here as soon as we have news.

In the meantime, here are some potential ways you can mitigate from your end, written up by one of our most senior backend engineers.

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People are saying Vercel is ddosing Netlify, as they are jealous of netlify.

Is this true?

Hi Mistik! I’d love to know where this information is being circulated, so we can respond directly there if possible? thanks. Also, if those people are interested, we are happy to keep them updated here instead of through third hand information :slight_smile:

As you can see from the thread I linked above with steps re: mitigation, the issue is related to issues with our load balancer, which is why some sites are working and some are not. Vercel has nothing to do with our load balancer on any level - this is an issue originating with an upstream cloud service.

As per always, the freshest info comes from our status page:

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thanks for your patience!

another update - as mentioned on our status page, we now have a new load balancer up and running.

Please see these instructions:

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