Slow Loading Speed on Gatsby site after Deployment

Whenever I deploy my website, built with Gatsby, it is extremely slow to load on first load.

The content is sourced from Wordpress and at first I thought it could be something on the page, or a component causing the slowness, but having removed all content and components from the homepage, it still seems to takes around 10 seconds to load when you first visit the page. Which leads me to believe it’s actually something on your side (sorry).

If you could help with taking a look into this, that’d be great.

You can see the latest deploy here:

I’ve had to add a splash page for the timebeing to alleviate the bad UX of the page not being interactive for a good while. But this is still not great. It should load instantly. It does load instantly on my local environment, which makes it frustrating to test where the issue is coming from.


hey @sinewebdev,

Sorry you aren’t getting the experience you were hoping for. That’s always a bummer and lets try and get some more info.

Please go ahead and capture a HAR file for us to take a look at (with the loading performance you are describing on first load, so, with an empty cache or incognito window i suppose) and upload it somewhere we can take a look at:

Hi, Perry. Thanks for the reply.

You can find the HAR file here:


I’d like to close this ticket now as I have resolved the issue by using old an Wordpress instance.


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