Slow download speed on resources on first load after deploy

We’re having some trouble with resources loading very slowly on the first load after rebuild on a Gatsby site. This is particularly evident with page-data.json and larger .js files.

After this initial load download speed returns to normal for the affected resources. Assuming this is because the cache has been generated.

Here is the request-id of a 555 KB .js file that took 32s to load:

x-nf-request-id: a0021442-4389-4f84-a393-3b297f9c3659-3658808.

In subsequent loads this resource downloads in less than a second. Is there any reason why the non-cached resources are 30x slower to retrieve? Can this be resolved at all?

We’ve noticed this before on sites for our other clients and is becoming an issue for us in continuing to use your service.

Please let us know if you can help.

hey studiopda, thanks for the request id. that is a very helpful. Can you tell us the site name this is concerning, as well? thanks.

Hey @studiopda,

We’ve taken a look at this and, you’re right, it’s remarkably odd and not performing how we’d expect, or like.

The matter has been escalated internally for a more thorough dive and we’ll get back to you with our findings!

Hey Scott & Perry,

Thanks for getting back here! Glad to hear you can replicate the issue.

Let us know how you go with the review. We have this issue with a few other sites as well – when the problem is resolved do you think this would carry across ti other sites on the same CDN node (assuming that is the issue).

Let us know if not and we can supply the site names for the other affected projects.


Studio PDA

Hey @studiopda,
It looks like we didn’t ultimately got back to you! We escalated this to our backend team, implemented some new logs to help us track down what you were seeing, and then never circled back. Our apologies for that.

We did spend some time today looking at traffic to the sites in your account over the last week. We’re seeing good timing, with 180ms average response time. We did see some requests that took over 10s- 26 in total out of more than 22000 over the last 7 days. These requests were for .ttf files, so fonts, and, which is a 1.1MB image. Making that smaller may improve your site performance marginally. But in general, we’re seeing good performance.

Please let us know if you’re seeing something different and we’d be happy to pick back up with the investigation. Thanks!