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Slow loading on netlify but instant loading on other providers

Hello, good day.

I have a site hosted here on netlify (gatsby js)(platformable.com) that takes around 7 seconds to load., its a simple company site with a small blog (not more than 30 posts) coming from our strapi backend.

The thing is that for testing purposes i deployed the same site on vercel and gatsby cloud and the loading takes 1 second.

I though it could be because the domain is on CloudFlare but even if we visit the netlify address (https://platformablewebsite.netlify.app/) it takes the same amount of time to load (around 5-7 seconds).

I share here the repository to see if someone is able to review our config file and maybe something is wrong for netlify. https://github.com/platformable/platformablefrontend or could be the issue on the site setting on netlify?

Thanks for your time

Hi @Alexei_Garban

Can you share the URL to the vercel deploy, and gatsby cloud deploy?

sure, i forgot to add it, here they are:

Vercel test url https://gatsbysitetest.vercel.app/
Gatsby Cloud url frontendmain79732.gatsbyjs.io

Thanks for your time

Thanks @Alexei_Garban.

In terms of straight-up usability, the Netlify version was the quickest to load pages (About, Blog, latest blog post), followed by Vercel then Gatsby (significant wait time on each click.)

I’ve terms of testing with web.dev measure (Google Developers) Netlify and Gatsby were the same with Vercel last in terms of performance (all fairly equal on other measures.)

thanks for taking time reviewing this. still an issue that it load fast on the other hosting. Will see the network and how to improve.

If you have any idea of what could i do to improve i would appreciate it, im new into this of static sites.

The info provided by Google in that report is more than enough to help you get started with optimization tips. While I don’t believe in getting a complete 100 every time (sometimes, design and infrastructure decisions don’t let me get a 100 especially in performance), but the other 3 can definitely go to a 100.

You should see if your JS is well-optimised and if you’re not imposing a lot of unnecessary code, libraries, images, fonts, etc.