My site very slow to load

My site which is basically landing page with an image developed using Gatsby so its static is very slow to load I’m trying to understand if this is just Netlify on the free plan or something else…

Hey @Almog,
I’m guessing it’s the 3MB image, “agency-banner”- is there any way to make that smaller?

I just saved as png-8 and not pn-24 lets see if that helps, but I thought Netlify should load either fast under CDN also it’s in CSS.

A little better might try some plugins

keep us posted! our system is definitely optimized for smaller files, but if you do feel that it’s still not loading as fast as it should even with all graphics etc optimized, the best way for us to help you is fornyou to capture a HAR file we can look at:

I think there are two issues, for it still loads very slow the first time I did run a google speed test and it wasn’t good, was getting 83 attached screenshots

For it loads first really fast but then you get an issue with the animation meaning you see the text it loads and then the text animation runs. Not sure if this is really an issue but it would be good for it load all at once

Magnify core issue was with some images which I thought Netlify image plugin would fix

hi Almog, thanks for that detail! we still aren’t able to really assist without seeing a HAR file as mentioned above.

Here is the HAR file

I have another question when I Pingdom Website Speed Test I’m getting the following

Add Expires headers
Compress components with gzip

Here is the test -

I thought this was done auto or do I need to add the header and use a gzip plugin

Hey @Almog,

We use Brotli compression, as can be seen in the site’s headers. Unless I’m misreading, that site’s request took a little over 200ms.

Double-check your image compression and, if this is still problematic, let us know and I can check when I’m at the keys in the week :smiley:!