Netlify providing a rather "almost" empty html document when deploying my Gatsby site

Hello mates!

This is my first Gatsby project and I was hoping to host it using Netlify, but when I push the project to my Github and try to go live the site wont work properly. :pensive:

If I use Gatsby Cloud the site works, it’s quite slow, but at least works. I got a domain for my project so I wanted to use Netlify instead, but even though the build works without problem, the resulting site shows like a 10% of what it suppose to be.

I’m a total newbie when it comes to Gatsby and web developing in general, I’m super sure that I messed up things some how but I can’t figure it out where. :sweat_smile:

Here an example of the site running in Gatsby Cloud

Here what I’m getting from Netlify

The deployment log

I also notice the following cosole messages when inspecting the site.

Here my Github repo

Thank you so mucho !!!

Hey @val3r0! :wave:t2:

Is it supposed to look like this? (Pretty cool design btw!)

I have really fast internet at my home and it still loads pretty slowly. Poking under the hood… your total page size is 40MB :eyes: (for reference, most modern sites are just a few MB per page; Gatsby sites regularly have page loads under 1 MB) so… I think all is well on the Netlify side, you’ll just need to look into using smaller content!


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Hey Jon!

Yeah you’re totally right, just realized that some of the SVG’s I was using are giant! I’m also optimising my images. I’ll change everything and try again.

And thanks, yeah my amazing designer girlfriend made it, she’s the best :black_heart:

Hello again Jon,

As you said, the site was way to big. After optimizing some images and replaceing some giant svg’s for png’s I tried it again and the site is up, running and super fast! :dizzy:

Thanks for the help!

Cheers :upside_down_face:

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