Very slow load times - singapore

Hello, I’ve been using Netlify since 2018 and I’m very happy to use it. But recently I realized my sites are so slow to load. It’s gatsby sites and it doesn’t have any huge assets. I don’t really know if it’s TTFB problem or else.

At first I thought maybe because I don’t setup a proper SSR or something else in my code. But after I try to deploy it to other deployment platform, it loads super fast without any problems.
I wish I don’t have to migrate / move from netlify…

My netlify sites :

Here are the HAR files :

hey @sozonome - thanks for letting us know about this and for providing some HAR files. Unfortunately the person who normally can provide the best information on this is out this week, so we’ve been slow to get back to you. We haven’t forgotten and will get back to you when we can.

Hi, @sozonome, I did review this and I do see that the loading of the assets as recorded in this HAR was slow. Our internal logging confirms this as well. It was not just the HAR file.

This wasn’t a DNS resolution issue (which is one common cause of this type of slowness). The CDN node used was the correct one for the source IP address. It was one of the nodes in Singapore.

We do have an open issue tracking this and this topic and the issue are cross-linked for tracking. If/when we know the issue is resolved, we’ll post an update here.

I wish I had a solution for you today but I don’t. We are still working on this and it is my hope that we will have it resolved soon. If there are other questions in the meantime, please let us know.

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Thanks Luke for the respond. I hope this issue gets resolved soon because I think I’m not the only one getting this issue.

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Hey @sozonome,

We’ll update this post when we have more information from the open issue. Thanks for understanding!

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