Site is live, but sill blank screen (react app)

My first time I deploy to Netlify. It is an existing github repo build on react.

I managed to publish the site:

11:58:44 AM: Starting post processing

11:58:44 AM: Post processing done

11:58:44 AM: Site is live

11:59:21 AM: Finished processing build request in 1m33.997954007s

But when I go to the link ( ) - it’s just a blank page.

Is there a rookie mistake I did?
Do I need the netlify.toml file and the use ‘build’ as publish directory?

Here’s the repo I’m trying to deploy:

Here’s a print of my build settings

Adding a netlify.toml file to the root and then change publish directory to build was the issue. Working just fine now!

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great! glad you fixed it. :tada:

I have a issue same like this for two days, i don’t know what to do:


It just show a blank space like above with some error but it is live.

hi there, can you provide a link to the live site please?

hi i am also having same problem .showing only blank page .i am using gh-pages branch
I don’t know wat to do pls help


Do any of the following discussions help?

Failing these, can we get a link to the live site? If you browse to the page and open your browser’s dev tools, is there an error?

I think we’ll have to agree to disagree because I can see errors :slight_smile:

My guess is that we’re encountering something similar to this:

Make sure your assets are in the correct publish directory after the build :smile:

how to clear this error
my asserts are in build folder

If you browse to the site,, there’s still errors :slight_smile:

Did not parse stylesheet at '' because non CSS MIME types are not allowed in strict mode.

You’ll want to ensure that you provide a suitable MIME type, i.e. text/css, like:

<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

And there are a couple of other errors being shown too. They’re syntax errors so you’ll need to find the typos. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue
here is the link to the site :

P.S: netlify.toml file content is :

  command = "npm run build"
  base = ""

@ismailalabou Welcome to the Netlify community.

Have you tried fixing the coding errors on your page to see if that helps?

yes, actually the site is live and working perfectly fine in github pages.
the build error rise when adding netlify.toml file,
i added the netlify.toml file to fix blanc screen but i ended up with other issues cause i dont know what to write in the netlify.toml file.

Hi, @ismailalabou. You site build is creating a reference to a subdirectory in your javascript URLs.

For example, here is a script tag from the index.html file:

<script src="/developerFolio/static/js/2.eabd148f.chunk.js"></script>

This becomes the following URL for this site:

However, the subdirectory developerFolio isn’t part of the deployed site. The correct URL is actually this:

So the script tag needs to be this:

<script src="/static/js/2.eabd148f.chunk.js"></script>

You will need to discover why that subdirectory is being included in the script tag to resolve this. If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

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hello @luke thanks for the feedback, I understand what you’re saying, now am aware of the source of the problem. am gonna try to solve it in the mean time & I will keep you posted if anything changes :slight_smile:

am so confused because the structure seems fine to me (developerFolio directory below):

do you think “redirects rule” can solve my problem ?

hi there, quick question: is (index) a file called index.html?

hello @perry, yes index.html

Hi, @ismailalabou. I see you have moved index.html outside of the developerFolio directory now and so this URL loads the index.html now:

However, if you look at your browser’s dev tools (for example using chrome), you will see 404s for these two URLs:

This is because those files are also no longer redeployed under developerFolio. The correct URLs are the ones below:

The wrong URLs are being used being used because it is incorrect in your HTML. The two script tags look like this:

  • <script src="/developerFolio/static/js/2.eabd148f.chunk.js"></script>
  • <script src="/developerFolio/static/js/main.8a1aa5c0.chunk.js"></script>

However, the correct tags should (probably) be this:

  • <script src="/static/js/2.eabd148f.chunk.js"></script>
  • <script src="/static/js/main.8a1aa5c0.chunk.js"></script>

Please let us know there are other questions.


at homepage variable in the package.json file,the path was pointing to “/devoloperFolio”, I clear it.
it’s working now :smiley: