Blank page when Webpack React deploys - No bundle.js in deploy folder

I’m trying to deploy a basic application with React and Webpack, but only a blank page is displayed. I can see in the developer console a 404 error for bundle.js, and I can see in the deploy folder that the “public” folder where bundle.js should be doesn’t exist.

Here is the GitHub repository, live app, and Netlify site.

Hi @morellaj!

I am seeing the text “yo” on this site. Were you able to find a solution?

Thanks for the reply! No, I manually typed “yo” on index.html just to see what would happen. It is grabbing the html document just fine, but for some reason the bundle.js file from webpack isn’t in the deployment folder.

For reference, here is the same repository working fine on It’s just a basic React starter website. This is my first time deploying on Netlify, so it’s probably safe to assume I’m missing something basic like a configuration.

I’ve read through all the related posts on the Netlify forums as well as the Netlify documentation around single page applications, but haven’t been able to find a solution.

Here is some additional information for reference.

Hi @morellaj, your webpack.config.js file puts your output in the public/ folder. However, you have set app/ as your publish directory, which is not where your build site is. You can go here to change that. Hope that helps.

Thanks! I was able to fix the issue. Here are the details for anyone else who runs into an issue like this. This may not be the best approach, so I’m open to alternatives.

Here was my initial folder structure and webpack config. The problem was I was deploying the bundle to the public folder without index.html.

So here was my next revision. I used html-webpack-plugin to copy the html file to my build folder. But then I had a similar issue where the assets weren’t in the build folder.

So here is the working revision. Using copy-webpack-plugin to copy the assets folder to public.