My React app deploys but the page is blank


i am not exactly sure why my react app is blank but here is the link to my page and a link to my repo

@jonnysmiley Checking the console shows there are various files not being found.

They’re trying to load from a sub-folder of /animalbased/ and if you View Source on the page you’ll see that is as per how they’re linked.

Your actual files are not in that sub-folder, for example:

Performing a local build of your repository shows the same as is seen on Netlify, and you can check by running npm run build and then npx serve build, or inspecting the files in the build folder.

Searching your code for animalbased reveals that it is only in your package.json, setting the homepage to

Deleting that value and performing a build provides output that no longer references a sub-folder of animalbased and will work on Netlify.