Deployed and published, but getting either 404 or an empty page


I’ve been trying to deploy a react app via manual deployment and also via GitHub.
I’m either getting an ‘404 page not found’ error or an empty page. May I know how I should go about rectifying it?

I’ve seen a few threads and tried the following

My site link:

Welcome to the forums @ccyr

I see the resources for the page are prefixed with /monsters-rolodex

<script src="/monsters-rolodex/static/js/main.39b99bc5.chunk.js"></script>

If you have a homepage attribute in the package.json of the repository, can you remove it.

If this doesn’t work can you share the repository.

I couldn’t find <script src="/monsters-rolodex/static/js/main.39b99bc5.chunk.js"></script> which you’ve found, but I removed the homepage line and it’s now working.

Thank you!