I deployed my site but it shows blank

Hi, my site is showing blank after it being deployed https://sparkling-longma-cdee02.netlify.app

I added the _redirects and netlify.toml

My build settings

Base directory : frontend
Build command: CI= npm run build
Publish directory: frontend/public
Deploy log visibility: Logs are public
Builds: Active

this is my repo

Hi @yacoub05

This is not the correct value for the publish directory. As noted in Netlify’s Create React App and Create React App’s Netlify documentation, CRA builds to the build directory.

Thus, the correct publish directory value is frontend/build.

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i changed but still the same issue

Have you checked out the error logged in Developer Tools?

ive searched for this error and it seems like my projectid for my sanity backend which i put in my .env file not sure why its not reading it with process.env.REACT_APP_SANITY_PROJECT_ID.

Have you tried setting it as an environment variable via the Netlify UI?

DO NOTE: Your REACT_APP_SANITY_PROJECT_ID and REACT_APP_SANITY_TOKEN are exposed publicly. If you wish to keep these secret (rather than allow every visitor to know them), do check out

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i dont have much experience with the netlify UI im a noob, but i will check the article thank you so much for the help really

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Hi, I am learning react and I have just used Netlify to deploy my site. But I am getting a blank page after deploying it. In my local environment I am able to see the app working, but not on Netlify. I used vite for my react app.

github repo:GitHub - Veenakrishna2313/digital-business-card
deployed site: https://zippy-kringle-d7780e.netlify.app/

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Veenakrishna :wave:t6: welcome to the forums and thanks so much for reaching out! Can you give Clarence’s response a read and see fi that helps? Upon deploy site is blank - #2 by clarnx

Your public folder is blank on Github… if that doesn’t help can you share your build log and if you have any errors in your developer console?

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