Site is deployed but showing blank. Please help. Newbie here

I deployed a site on netlify through githib but it is not working. It worls fine on github pages. I changed the homepage to “./” in package.json and updated the build settings to CI= npm run build and added environment variables CI , value=false but still blank screee. Please help.Here is the site.

Hi @ayush91985 , thanks for the post
I visited your site and it looks like your site renders. However the page is blank.
If possible can you share a repository of your site for me to help with the debugging


Hi @ayush91985 , thanks for sharing.
First of all kindly add an _redirects file in your public folder with the content below.

/* /index.html 200

Secondly, remove the basename property on the Router component in the App.js file.

The basename prop in React Router allows you to specify a base URL for all routes. This is useful when your application is hosted on a subdirectory of a domain.

Your routes setup should look like the code below

      <Preloader load={load} />
      <div className="App" id={load ? "no-scroll" : "scroll"}>
        <Navbar />
        <ScrollToTop />
          <Route path="/" element={<Home />} />
          <Route path="/project" element={<Projects />} />
          <Route path="/about" element={<About />} />
          <Route path="/resume" element={<Resume />} />
          <Route path="*" element={<Navigate to="/"/>} />
        <Footer />

Kindly make the changes and then redeploy. Your website should work as expected.

Let me know the outcome.


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