I deployed my website but it shows blank

the url of my netlify site is: https://ahmadkanoun.netlify.app

My website works when I run it on a localhost through npm start. However when deploying the app on netlify the website does not build appropriately. I have tried getting the deploying the app from my github repository along with running a build and deploying it manually, and still no luck. :frowning:

also, maybe if its smthn to do with my code and you wanna test it out for yourself, here is my github repo: GitHub - ahmadbakesbread/portfolio-site

The building of the website was successful so i don’t really get the reason why its blank.

@ahmadbakesbread It’s no surprise that your site shows as blank, as none of the resources are loading:

Checking the URL for just one of them shows it is requesting:

But the file is actually at:

If you run your npm run build locally, (or check your Netlify build log), you will see a message that explains why this is happening.

It will mention that the site has been produced assuming that it will be hosted in a folder of /portfolio-site/ due to the homepage value you have set in your package.json.

See here:

Since you want to host the site from the root on Netlify, (and not as https://ahmadkanoun.netlify.app/portfolio-site/), you should just delete the entire homepage declaration from your package.json.