React App is just a blank page on live site but working perfectly on localhost

My site is working perfectly in localhost .can someone help me with this issue??


netlify deployed link

Hmm what are you build settings configured to? Also can you give this thread a read and try the varying solutions and see if one works for you?

@samarpitsneh This is just due to the system you’ve chosen to use and how you have it configured.

Message shown during your build:

Your deployed HTML:

Asset references not found:

Because you’ve deployed them here:

So you have your react app set to be hosted at /fb-frontend/ (or more specifically at github):

Then it appears that on Netlify you have the Publish directory set to fb-frontend.

So react is writing all the references as if it will be hosted at /fb-frontend/, but then it’s being hosted at /.

If you want to have fb-frontend as your Publish directory, then change the homepage in the package.json appropriately.