Site is deployed but shows blank screen

this error is shown in console

Build settings

can someone elaborate on how to proceed further?

Hi @VighneshNaik,

When I visit:, I don’t see those errors.

The screen is still blank, is there some specific error that might be causing it? or some steps to resolve it

Weird, I loaded your page now and I could see the errors you mention. But the solution is simple, you’re linking the files to the wrong folder. You’re linking them here:
/argon-dashboard-react/static/css/main.75f723a7.chunk.css, but the file is here: /static/css/main.75f723a7.chunk.css. You need to update those links or change the hompage filed in package.json.

any specific changes in the homepage? I am relatively new to development

Hi @VighneshNaik

You can remove the homepage attribute in the package.json completely if you are deploying to the root of the domain (i.e. /) and not a path (e.g. /mysite.) See Create React App documentation Building for Relative Paths and also deploying to Netlify.


Thank you!! this resolves it

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Hi! I’m also having the same issue for my nextjs site. The site ( is deployed but shows a blank page. I’ve tried several of the forum solutions, but the problem persists.

The github repo: GitHub - beatBoy21/chat-web-app-1

For the build settings on Netlify:
Base directory: Not set
Build command: next build
Publish directory: .next

For netlify.toml file:
command = “next build”
publish = “.next”

package = “@netlify/plugin-nextjs”

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hey there, @Chester :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out. I believe this may have been related to an outage we were seeing early. You can read more about it on our Status Page: Netlify Status - Increased latencies and errors on Standard Edge Network

Are you still encountering obstacles when you redeploy?

Yes. Same errors and still blank.

hey there chester, it doesn’t look like you have any content to show. from your browser console:

There’s content to show but it’s just in another folder and this default one is the one that shows. I downloaded the deployed app’s folder and I noticed that my files are mostly in this folder (/server/pages/). How do I move them to the root and not cause any other errors? I’ve attached an image to show what I mean. Thanks for the help.

The problem is due to this line in your build log: