Site built but whole page is blank, no error in console

Hello i have problem with my deployed react app. I’ve deployed at Netlify but i dont see anything there. Console is empty.

Hi @Dylaixo, what do you mean you don’t see anything? Can you go to the deploy tab and check the most recent log? is there a log available? Can you please let me know what site is affected?

Im not sure if you are asking about that but whole deploy log looks like this:

Site url:](
The problem is that Deployment is okay, but content of my website dont show up …

Okay, makes sense. Well this is a pretty common problem. have you searched the forums as there has been many proposed solutions. Try this: Site is live, but sill blank screen (react app) - #2 by jossif

If that doesn’t work it would also be helpful if you shared your build settings/repo.

Actually, there are a bunch of errors in the console:

There seems to be a problem with your build settings, it seems like you’ve set the base folder to ReactCV. For example: The site tries to load the css file:

which is actually located here:

That’s my build settings anything to change?

Can you share your repository or a screenshot of its structure?

Here you are!

Please remove homepage from your package.json.