Deployment successful is blank?

Hello, I have recently finished my third project and wanted to deploy it on here. The deployment was successful, however after I open the page, it’s completely blank.
The site is:
I also post the link to github repository of the project: GitHub - Anticrisis97/oddam-w-dobre

I have tried tons of things, I even scheduled a consultation with a mentor, but he wasn’t really helpful :frowning:

Below I add the errors dev tools are giving me

Please help T_T

Zrzut ekranu (71)

Hi, the usual solution is adding a netlify.toml file to the root and then change publish directory to build. Give that a go and see if that works. Also remember in your build settings you need to tell Netlify where to build your site from.

@Anticrisis The “page is blank” precisely because of the errors that you’ve posted.

Since your site is an SPA (Single Page Application) when the JavaScript encounters an error and fails to run, it fails to generate the page and thus nothing is shown.

So to sum it up, your code is broken, and you will need to debug and fix it.

Running your project locally with npm run start provides more detail for the errors: