Blank page while deploying on netlify.Please help

PLI deployed a page on github pages and it is working fine but deploying it on netlify fails I updated the build settings to CI= npm run build and added environment variables but still it shows a a blank page.

Here is my site -

@ayush91985 Your files aren’t where they’re referenced in your deployed page:

This one:


Is here:


It depends on what you’re working with, but you should hunt for references to my-portfolio as once your site is deployed it isn’t being served from that directory.

Sir I am new to this. please help what should I do next step by step?
Any change in my github repo or netlify settings?
I will be grateful to you.

@ayush91985 I cannot tell you what you should do step by step, nor can I advise what to change in your github repo (or Netlify settings) as I cannot see any of those things… you’ve not provided them.

If you want someone to be more specific, you need to provide more detail/access yourself.

Error is here:

I don’t see any PDF in your repo.

Hi @ayush91985 , your post was closed here since it is a duplicate of this post.

As @hrishikesh highlighted your error, you are importing your pdf wrongly. To fix it, navigate to your file at /src/components/Resume/ResumeNew.js and then change your pdf import to the below

import pdf from "../../Assets/Soumyajit_Behera-BIT_MESRA.pdf";

Secondly change your Build command to the below

CI=false npm run build

Make the changes and then redeploy.

Let us know the outcome.


It worked. Huge thanks to all .

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glad to hear you found a solution!