Site cannot be reached - "domain name" server's IP address could not be reached

Hi all!

I recently linked to a custom domain, and have waited some time for it to propagate but I keep getting the following error:

This site can’t be reached ’s server IP address could not be found.



My domain name is but it’s also live here:

I changed the name servers, as instructed. My domain was purchased at if that means anything. Thanks so much!

Hey there! Looks like we were just waiting for this one to propagate. All appears good for me in the UK, can you confirm? :smile:

Whoops, my site is exactly trapped in the same issue as what @asoliman20 met yesterday. So I guess I should also wait for it to propagate👀 and see what it will be tomorrow. Cheers.

let us know if your problem doesn’t self resolve!

Cheers, It is working now!

Hi, @jinhangzhu, and thank you for the follow-up to confirm it is working now. :+1:

If there are questions in the future, please feel free to make a new topic anytime.

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