My site its giving an error that site cant be reached

Hi. I am having starter account of netlify where in today i have added custom domain for one of my website. All goes well and i can also see a green tick that site is ready. Infact SSL has also installed. but when i am clicking to my site its giving an error that site cant be reached.

Sharing screenshot. Please help.

Site loads fine for me @Veronika

Not working in laptop. Not even my mobile. Its giving attached error. Not able to understand this.

Have you tried a different device/network?

It’s all about DNS propagation. Propagation doesn’t happen instantly. Quite probably the DNS your system is connecting to hasn’t updated yet. Give it time.

Noted. Hopefully no need to worry on this. Because its been more than an hour. But since you are able to open it i am sure i will be able to access it soon. However tried the same on my cellphone but that also giving an error that this domain is registered with namecheap. Please check back later.

@Veronika I’d wait at least 48 hours for full propagation if it’s still not working in 2 days please reach out.

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Ok. But if you can check the thread one of the mate is able to access. so its like few can access and few cant and it will properly takes 48 hours to go live 100%

This is actually my first experience with netlify hence i am bit worried otherwise on clickfunnels it goes live immediately.