Domain troubles


Hi, support.

I built a simple website using React and deployed it on Netlify successfully from github. The website name is admiring-poincare-9f7f19

The link from netlify is and it renders the website as intended.

I then went on to add a domain registered from an external registrar and all was working perfectly for 2 weeks. The domain name is

Unfortunately, 2 days ago i noticed my website cannot be accessed using the domain name

Google chrome browser sends this message on all devices i try accessing from.

The link from netlify still works and still renders the website meaning the build is successful.

I contacted the domain registrar and they told me there is nothing from their end that could cause this issue so the only other option was to come to netlify and seek assistance.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated :innocent:

hi there,

sorry to hear this isn’t working - i agree that something is up.

I know you already said this was working, but could you read through this guide and see if there were any steps that were missed?

if you can’t figure it out, please post again and we will troubleshoot with you.

Hi, Perry.

I read the article and made some minor adjustments. Now I’ll wait 48 hours for the changes to propagate through the public internet.

Thanks for your assistance :handshake:

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please do let us know if it doesn’t work!

hi Perry,

Unfortunately, my website is not accessible through the domain name registered with it. I waited more than 48 hours and i think the change should have propagated by now. Please troubleshoot my domain configuration. Perhaps there is something i missed.

Yaay my website is back online :ghost::partying_face:
Thanks for all your help

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what did you do i am having the same problem

Hey @SamuelLawrence876

Can you provide more details about the issue, including your Netlify site, and custom domain?

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Literary just fixed it, I was using Netlify as my [Name servers] and swapped to making GoDaddy handle it

Thanks for coming back and letting us know, @SamuelLawrence876. Glad everything is working :netliconfetti:

@SamuelLawrence876 .
My domain registrar had blocked the domain. Apparently, the domain verification was not complete.
Of course, this raised more questions than answers. For example, how is it that the website was up for more than 2 weeks on a domain whose verification was incomplete?
Anyway, the issue was resolved so i didn’t see the need to press the matter further.