My Netlify website doesn't show on my Netlify domain

I uploaded my Netlify website, lambent-hummingbird-fa9c08, on my Netlify domain, When seeing this from Netlify, it looks like the upload has been successful as shown on this screenshot:

but when clicking on my domain link,, it doesn’t show anything but this:

This site can’t be reached

Check if there is a typo in


How can I fix this?
I look forward to having some help.

@MorenaTirana It looks like you have your domain with another provider and haven’t yet configured it to point to Netlify.

You can read the relevant documentation here:

The upload has been successful as shown by the screenshot, but that represents the subdomain ( not the custom domain.

My domain is with Netlify so I do not understand why it doesn’t work. How exactly can I fix this?

Thank You Nathan for your reply.
How can I find out who did I create this domain with?
I remember that I opened this domain on Netlify on October 8, 2022. Ever since I opened it I couldn’t connect it to my Netlify website and didn’t know why.
Now even if I did the “Add or register domain” & “Verify” steps, it still doesn’t work.
I am having difficulties at understanding how to behave with the DNS parts if that is the issue.
Can someone help me fix this issue because I am new in this platform and there is not much tutorials for my case.
I look forward to having someone help me.
Thank you for your assistance.

Hello again, Nathan.
I just found out that my domain was created with Google Domains.
What should I do now to fix the issue?

Hello again Nathan,
I just activated the default Google DNS of my Google domain with customized DNS issued by Netlify and it should work now. I have to wait 48 hours to see it.
In the meantime, thank you.

@MorenaTirana Sorry I only just saw these messages, I’m glad you were able to locate where you had registered the domain.

If you continue to encounter issues you should just double check what you have set against the documentation or await some further assistance from a Netlify representative.