Netlify DNS wrong status in domain panel


my site is called:

I added my own domain (from IONOS), and without changing the nameservers, Netlify shows me that Netlify DNS is setup correctly. When I change the nameservers, the status in the UI still says it is setup, but the domain does not work (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN).

This is the configuration in the Netlify UI:

This is the configuration for my domain provider, which is setup to use the default nameservers:

We tried:

  1. Changing to Netlify Nameservers and waiting one day, but nothing changed. The domain does not work.

  2. We tried adding the A record (as seen in the screenshot above), but it still says “Netlify DNS” in the Netlify UI, and the domain does not work.

Is there anything else we can try? Our other websites did not have this issue, so we are not sure if we did something wrong, or if there is an issue at Netlify.

Thank you for reading!

It seems like the site is now live. We did not change anything. It seems to have fixed itself. However, the Netlify DNS status in the UI is still not correct. It still says “Netlify DNS” despite us not using the Netlify DNS, but relying on the A record with our domain provider.

@murermader hi there! I see that you’ve successfully set up external DNS for your domain. I would also recommend replacing the A record on with a CNAME record that points to your Netlify subdomain (as explained in this support guide):

If you’d like to remove the “Netlify DNS” next to your domain you can navigate to the DNS panel and delete the inactive DNS zone. Let me know if you have further questions!