Netlify domain not working!

I buyed today domain via netlify directly and on the netlify site page its saying :
Point your domain’s name servers to Netlify
To use Netlify DNS, go to your domain registrar and change your domain’s name servers to the following custom hostnames assigned to your DNS zone.

Netlify docs saying : If you purchased your new domain through Netlify it will already have Netlify DNS enabled!
This will register the domain name, create a [Netlify DNS zone] for the domain, and provision a [wildcard certificate for HTTPS]

all in one click!

Wha to do please help?

Hi, @edinhassagic. It was a bug on the Netlify side of this and it is fixed now. The domain should be working now (and does for me when I test). However, if it still isn’t working for you, please let us know.

Hi Luke. I can confirm to you that is working for me also right now. Thanks to everyone who mailed me and sent me updates for all the questions I asked.

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