GoDaddy Domain on Netlify - Site Can't be Reached

Hi, everyone.

I’m trying to get my custom domain to work. I’ve got as fair as setting up the Nameservers on godaddy and returning to netlify with a valid ‘Netlify DNS’ box next to my domains. & . My HTTPS certificate is also enabled.

When I select my domain from Netlify I get the ‘Site Can’t be Reached’ page and if I go into it from a new browser tab it takes me to a godaddy dummy page. Any ideas what I’ve done wrong?



Hi @JPMurdie :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the netlify support forums! Can you confirm its been 48 hours DNS transfers take 48 hours to propagate? If it has not been 48 hours please reach back out.

You can read more about this in our support guide. [Support Guide] Why do DNS / SSL changes take up to 48 hours to propagate? (TTL)

Hi SamO.

It has not been 48 hours. I was doing a follow along and it was instant for the tuber I was watching :smiley:

I will wait and let you know. I guess I’m too impatient.

haha no worries. (: talk soon


I’m still getting the ‘Site Can’t be Reached’ with my custom domain. It works on my phone ISP and also when I VPN to the US.

When using my ISP without VPN (Virgin) I get this, and it constantly tries to refresh every few seconds.




It looks like the site is now up and running on my desktop:

Are you having the same experience?