Pointed nameservers on GoDaddy but custom domain says "site can't be reached"

cocky-lalande-9823d0.netlify.app is my Netflify domain and it works fine, but my custom domain does not.

I thought maybe some of the DNS settings I had on GoDaddy like Cloudfare (Which I turned off) may have been the problem, but I don’t see ANY of my DNS records anymore after pointing it to Netlify, except for the four default ones.

I’m not sure what to do, could anyone help me please?

Hi @TheNomadicAspie

If I understand correctly, you had DNS records (such as MX) in GoDaddy but you do not see them in Netlify DNS?

As explained in [Support Guide] How do I migrate a domain to Netlify DNS with zero downtime?

IMPORTANT: You must copy all required DNS records to the Managed DNS service before changing the domain’s name servers to the Managed DNS server to avoid possible interruption of services.

DNS records aren’t copied in the process of setting up Netlify DNS. Any other records (such as MX) need entering manually.

Thank you, once I reverted GoDaddy to using the default name servers, the problem was fixed. I was under the impression I had to use Netflify’s DNS to connect my domain. Never done this before, thanks for the help.

Now suddenly after one of several deploys, my domain stopped working and is back to “Can’t reach this site.”

I didn’t do anything recently to change the settings, and next to the domain it says “Check DNS configuration”

How can I figure out what the problem is? If I click it, it says to change my DNS settings to the four suggested ones, but the reason I undid that change was because it was the only way to get my domain to work.

It’s finally been working for the last couple hours and just stopped again…

What is the domain name you are having issues with?

The site just came back up again without me doing anything. Not sure why it was down for a few minutes, maybe it was an unrelated outage… Thank you though.

Hi, @TheNomadicAspie. I’m an admin on this forum so I can see the deleted post which had the domain name in it. (The deleted post will get purged in the next 24 hours and even I won’t be able to see it after that.)

The problem still remains so this issue will keep happening until the root cause is fixed. The root cause is that there are two A records for the apex domain and one of them is “wrong”.

Because you deleted the domain name post, I’m also not including it below (or showing the full non-Netlify IP address):

<redacted domain name>.com.	600	IN	A	34.xx.xx.xx
<redacted domain name>.com.	600	IN	A

The first DNS record above doesn’t point to Netlify. You will need to delete that DNS record at the registrar to fix this.

Please reply anytime if there are other questions.

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Hi Luke, thank you SO much for letting me know. I just checked on GoDaddy and see two A records, one of them is, and the other says “Parked” under data. Would the “Parked” one be the one to delete? I don’t see anything that begins with 34.

The “parked” one is the one to remove @TheNomadicAspie (quite possible the IP address could change periodically.)