DNS address could not be founde dingaros

when opening the site with the domain name from Netlify sends me “This site can’t be reached” I have 3 domains

with this error in every device when opening and the internet is fastly and does not have a problem

shimmering-phoenix-977e7f.netlify.app => Netlify subdomain

www.whale4trade.com => Primary domain

**whale4trade.com **=>Redirects automatically to primary domain

and I did a pro subscription bundle

this file netlify.toml

  for = "/*"

a Production domains in netlify

Hey @whale4trade, welcome to the community! :partying_face:

This could’ve been due to propagation as I see the site is up-and-running now. Do you still need help?

hi @audrey
ok , but still this problem sometimes devices openning and sometimes devices => dns not found
I see when it happens, the reboot send this massage

As mentioned, it’s a DNS propagation issue, not something Netlify can help you with or fix for you. You might want to try flushing DNS cache on affected devices, contact the ISP or connect to a VPN.

I must flush the DNS cache from all devices that will open the site

i was also facing this issue but in that case netlify could not facilitate you because its your DNS problem so for quick solution you may use VPN.