Request for Opensource plan for

I would like to request an opensource plan for our suite of software engineering education projects at
These projects are free and open-source (MIT licensed) and used for education. We use netlify to preview project documentation e.g.,
We would be happy to add a Netlify badge in the main page.

Damith C. Rajapakse (Dr); Associate Professor, School of Computing, National University of Singapore; COM2-2-57, 13 Computing Drive, Singapore 117417; damith[at] (email); (Home page)

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You can read more about what we provide to qualified open source projects for free here:

Take a look and let me know if you think that your project is compatible with that definition, specifically that it meets all of the below criteria (which are more than is mentioned on that page today, but which will all be required in the very near future):

  1. uses a public git repository,
  2. has at least 3 contributors with more than 5 commits each,
  3. features a prominently visible code of conduct for participation in your project,
  4. and has an open source license, such as the ones listed here: or a creative commons license for the content.

Please link us to the repository that meets these requirements.

Further, we require a link to our service on your project’s main web page for your website’s visitors to see (so, not just in your repository documentation). You have two options:

  • we have premade badges for your convenience, or

  • or you may create your own link, which should read “This site is powered by Netlify”.

Either should link back to our home page,

Finally, these accounts are not intended for use on commercial projects. This prohibition includes commercial support and hosting services.

If those are true and we can verify them by looking at your repository, I’ll be happy to set things up for you.

Thanks for the follow up @luke
Here are the requested details:

Do let us know if we missed something out. TIA.

PS: not a promotional post

Hi, @damithc. I don’t see a code of conduct. Would you please link me directly to it if I’m simply missing it? If you don’t have a code of conduct, I see many project use the following:

I also don’t see this repo meeting the following requirement:

  • has at least 3 contributors with more than 5 commits each

The repo also only has a two contributors with more than five commits each:

Would you please let us know when the three contributors requirement is met as well?

Thanks for the follow up @luke
My answers below:

Note that our project consist of multiple repositories spread across several GitHub organizations. The main landing page for our project is

The following repository describes the process to follow in our sub-projects, including our code of conduct
There is a link to it from our main landing page (see here).

Our project consists multiple repositories, many of which meet that criterion. Here is an example (it has 36 contributors):
Link to the above repository is given in our landing page (see here).

[not a promotional post]

This is all sounds good to me! Thank you for providing the additional information. Will the open source team be set up under your existing Netlify login? That would be the email address you used for this post?

Great. Thanks @laura Yes, I’m hoping to use my existing Netlify login for the open source license.

On a separate note, looks like my posts in this thread containing the requested links are being flagged as spam. Not sure how to work around that :frowning:

Hi, @damithc. I’ve enabled your login to create a new open source team here:

You’ll probably want to invite your collaborators to the team as well.

You can also transfer existing sites to that team if you need to, following this workflow:, but do keep in mind we intend this team only for your open source, non-commercial products so we appreciate your honesty in not moving your company or personal sites there :slight_smile:

I also increased your “trust level” here on our community site (powered by Discourse, of course). This should prevent (or at least make it far less likely for) your posts here from being “flagged”.

Could you please respond to let me know you’ve created the new team? We need to update one final setting in the database after you do.

I’ve created a new team named ‘se-edu’ and transferred the relevant sites to the new team. Thanks very much again @luke @laura and the Netlify team for giving us an Open Source licence so that my students can keep using your great product.

Thanks for fixing the false-flagging issue too.

Thank you for the update!