Open source plan upgrade request

Hi, I am one of the founders and maintainers of 30-seconds organization on GitHub and the related 30-seconds-of projects. Our projects are open source and we use Netlify extensively for our websites, so we would like an open source plan upgrade.

All of our repositories are public, we have dozens of contributors and many of them have over 5 commits, we have a code of conduct on pretty much every repository and all of our code is licensed under open source licenses.

I think we meet the criteria and we would like to get the free open source plan upgrade.

Thanks in advance,
Angelos Chalaris

Sounds great to me, Angelos. Should you own this new team? (you can invite other owner-level collaborators immediately)

Yes, I will own the team and invite the rest of the members soon.

You can create your team here: and start inviting other owner-level collaborators.

We do require a link to our service on your project’s main web page for your website’s visitors to see (so, not just in your repository documentation). You have two options:

  • we have premade badges for your convenience, or
  • or you may create your own link, which should read “This site is powered by Netlify”.
    Either should link back to our home page,

Please let us know when you’ve created the team. Thanks!

Hi Laura,

Thanks for the quick response. I already created a team and I will soon be adding a new version of our website to host via Netlify - we are currently testing the next iteration.

Would it be alright if we add the logo to just the version we are developing for now until we switch our main domain’s website ( to the new version in December this year?

Thanks in advance.

Sounds good to me! Thank you.