Open source plan upgrade

Hi. I’m a core member of Seed - Rust framework for creating web apps. We already use Netlify for hosting (e.g. new website (beta) and RealWorld example) and we’ve written tutorial for deploying Seed apps into Netlify. We would like an open source plan upgrade so we can cooperate more effectively.

All our repositories are public and have open source licenses. We’ll add a premade badge on the homepage. I can own a new team.

Thanks you!
Martin Kavík

Hi Martin,

A few more details before we can set you up:

  1. you need a prominently visible code of conduct for participation on your project - could you link me to it?
  2. you need to guarantee that the site or sites we host is/are not related to any commercial enterprises (including paid hosting/consulting for open source projects).

Let me know those two answers, please!

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  1. I’ve added GitHub standard code of conduct -

  2. Sites are not related to any commercial enterprises. (Do we need to add something official into the repository?)

And I’ve added Netlify logo into the website footer - it will be deployed to official Seed domain once ready.

Thank you.

Looks good to me, Martin!

You can create your team here: and start inviting other owner-level collaborators.

Please let us know when you’ve created the team. Thanks!

Nice, thanks!
Team created, invitation to co-owner sent.

Great. Thank you for the update!