Connecting to organization-owned, private GitHub repositories

Hi all!

Thank you for being a part of Netlify and using Netlify to power your web projects. As we continue to invest in making Netlify even faster and more powerful for development teams, we want to ensure that organizations using Netlify for work projects are on a plan designed for that purpose.

As noted in this post, connecting organization-owned, private GitHub repositories are now a part of a Netlify’s Pro plan. This requirement will roll out gradually starting this week. During this week, builds from these repos will start failing on Starter plan sites. For affected teams, we’re offering a 30-day free trial of our Pro plan to allow continued building without service disruption. Our FAQ page includes all the details about what types of repos count, and what your options are if you want to stay on the Starter plan.

Connecting to a personal repository — public or private — remains free as part of our Starter plan.

If you have technical questions about the configuration of these changes or how they apply to you, please post them in this thread and our Support team and community members will be able to help you.

If you don’t have a question, but would like to share feedback about the change, you can send it using this feedback form. Our Product team will be monitoring submissions and will respond to your feedback if they have follow-up questions.


The Netlify Team

Dear Team,

Our site is already deployed and am wondering if this change is going to affect us, or is it for new sites we might deploy in the future.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Ol_Jogi_Conservancy , welcome to the community!

The change applies to existing sites as well as new ones. I see you have one site on your Starter team that’s connected to an organization-owned private GitHub repository. To continue deploying that site, you now have a few options (also described in the FAQ page):

Note that if you choose one of the last two options, changing your settings on GitHub, you’ll need to push a commit to your repository to trigger a deploy and send the updated settings to Netlify.