Netlify Github Orgs unavailable even after adequate permissions granted

I’ve been trying to connect to a github org, and it seems like even though after the required permissions have been granted, the repos aren’t visible.

I’ve moved this to support for you, it could help engineers if you provide and API ID, you org or any other details that doesnt contain private info. Thanks!

Hiya @youteakay and thanks for the handoff, Aaron!

This usually means that at GitHub, an organization admin needs to accept the request for Netlify’s app installation. I don’t know your organization name, but it will be seen on a page like this:

There’s a section at the bottom of that page for “pending” requests that an admin will likely need to accept before you’ll see builds start working.

If that wasn’t it, please do let us know where you encounter the problem - during build, or during linking - and confirm that you have administrative permissions on the relevant repos, which is required for you to link them to our service.

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