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Cannot "update access" to deploy repo from company Github org

I’m trying to deploy an app (the repo is in my company’s Github org) but it doesn’t show up in Netlify.

When I go to configure Github, the repo has a “request” badge next to it, but even after I “update access” nothing shows up in Netlify.

Please advise!

Hey @rd825,

Cheers for your patience. Firstly, you’re a Pro customer so feel free to reach us via the Helpdesk.

If you go the Apps settings, in to the Netlify app, and down to ‘Repository access’, does the correct repo appear there?

Ah, it appears I don’t have the ability to update our org’s Netlify permissions in Github. I’m going to ask someone on our leadership team to auth the desired repo and then report back whether it works.

Awesome – eager to hear back!