Update my domain to deploy from a new github repo

My site (brophyj.com) deploys from a GitHub repo. I want to change the repo.
I have gone to >build / deploys > Continuous > manage repo and from the dropdown menu selected link to new repo but this only offers my old repo as the only choice.
Do I infer from that that I must first unlink my existing repo?
I needed DETAIlED, clear instructions on how to proceed with this update as I am an infrequent netlify user.

No. You can deploy any repo that exists in your GitHub account and is meant to be deployed as a typical website. Maybe you have not provided Netlify access to all your repos on GitHub. In that case, I’d advise you to sign in to GitHub, go to this URL: GitHub Apps - Netlify and configure the Netlify app to be able to acess all repos (or at least the repos that you wish to deploy).

This is only partially helpful. I log in to this site but am then faced with a multitude of possible links. Could you be a bit more specific where i got in once I have logged in. Thanks

Oops, I now see at the bottom of the login page, where additional repos can be added. I think i may be on my way. Will let you know how this works out.

OK my new GitHub repo now shows in the drop down men. i have selected it and am now on this url Netlify App
CV_quarto is the appropriate GitHub repo but know need some help completing the boxes
site name: Is that my domain name brophyj.com? do I enter only brophyj?
base directory: this is blank, do I leave it blank?
build command: hugo --gc --minify -b $URL is currently entered. do I leave it as that?
Thanks for the additional help.

The rest of the questions are unfortunately for you to figure out. We don’t know your website’s structure and don’t have the bandwidth to go through your repo: brophyj/cv_new: new cv nov 2021 (github.com).

My best guess would be to leave the setting as it is as they’re likely pulled from your netlify.toml: cv_new/netlify.toml at main · brophyj/cv_new (github.com). That file has not been updated in the past 3 years, so I’d like to assume it might continue to work in the same way even now.

Well I seem to have made some reasonable choices as my site is up and running my new GitHub repo. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for coming back and sharing you got your site up and running. Good luck! :rocket: