Cannot find repo within Github organisation

Netlify is unable to find a Github organisation repo in order to create a new site.

Create a new site > Github > Install Netlify screen popup (Github login) > Choose the organisation and repo.

Once the org repo has been selected, you are redirected to where you then see a blank screen and the popup does not close automatically. The site will not create and you see in the dashboard:

No repositories found
This can happen when Netlify doesn’t have access to the repositories in an account.
Configure the Netlify app on GitHub, and give it access to the repository you want to link.

I can see the Netlify app in my “Installed GitHub Apps” section on Github so authorizing was no problem, its the last step that seems to fall over.

Hi @fire015, I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems. I’ve checked out the flow you’re describing and I’m not immediately seeing that problem myself, so it’s clearly something more subtle.

As you’ve only just authorised the Netlify GitHub app, I’m wondering if something hasn’t gone smoothly in that process.

Could you got into your GitHub account and go to Settings > Applications and then click Configure on the Netlify app and let me know what it says under the headings Permissions and Repository Access? (I don’t believe there should be anything sensitive there, but feel free to omit or summarise sensitive details.)

Thanks for your patience while we figure out how to get you up and running.

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This is within the repo

This is within my account

:thinking: That looks perfectly fine. A gleaming example.

A further thought - those are presumably your own user settings, are they? (That’s what I get when I just go to Settings.) If in GitHub Settings again, you use the switcher at the top of the side menu to select the Org that has the repo you want to access, you should then see a menu item “Installed GitHub Apps” with the Netlify app in it again. Are the settings for the Org the same as the ones you posted above?