Request for team upgrade under OSS policy


I’d like to request an upgrade to the “universityofwarwick” team here: under your OSS plan policy.

In early 2019, the development team within the university started making more internal services and tools available under OSI-approved open source licenses (predominantly the ISC license). There are a variety of applications, tools and libraries available under the GitHub organisation here:

We currently use Netlify for hosting documentation and examples relating to our Bootstrap-based UI components, plugins and visual identity bundle, known as ID7: ID7 was one of the first projects we open-sourced and has been available on GitHub for a number of years now. Although we do use it extensively internally, ID7 doesn’t need to be tied to the university’s branding - indeed, we support an unbranded page layout out of the box to be used for external applications and sites. We think that the various parts making up ID7 could be useful to the wider open-source community.

We have also recently made some React-based tooling available for pulling application status information from a API endpoint and displaying it to end-users in-app. Again, we use Netlify to host the documentation for this tool and we think it could be useful for a wide variety of applications:

Other open source tools we have made available are listed on the university’s website:

Let me know if you have any questions.

Badges should be on the docs sites and in the READMEs.

The development team do not provide paid consultancy services for the tools/projects above, nor do they constitute components sold as part of commercial products. The University itself has “exempt charitable status” in the UK.

Hi @alwilliams! Welcome to netlify community.

Today we launched a new application process for open source teams.

Please complete this form with more information about your project. Once you’ve met all the criteria, it should only take a couple minutes of your time, and we’ll verify if your account fits our policy.

Thank you!


Hey @laura - what sort of timeframe do you expect these requests to be able to be reviewed in?

We are working through the backlog now - hope to review all this week! Let us know if you don’t hear anything by Friday, please. :slight_smile:

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