I help run an organization called CoffeeOps. It’s basically an loosely affiliated network of SRE/DevOps meetups that meets in the morning in various places. Our github repos are open and our code is open source. Can I please get a team named CoffeeOps to organize our netlify work under? I see that is available at this link:

FWIW, I have not yet deployed the netlify version of the site, but I will soon.


Hi there! There are some requirements for these sites which I’ve included below. Could you confirm the following and link me to a repo that demonstrates the required attributes?

  1. uses a public git repository,

  2. which has at least 3 contributors with more than 5 commits each,

  3. and features a prominently visible code of conduct for participation in your project,

  4. and has an open source license, such as the ones listed here: or a creative commons license for the content.

Please link us to the repository that meets these requirements.

Further, we require a link to our service on your project’s main web page for your website’s visitors to see (so, not just in your repository documentation). You have two options:

  • we have premade badges for your convenience, or

  • or you may create your own link, which should read “This site is powered by Netlify”.

Either should link back to our home page,

Finally, these accounts are not intended for use on commercial projects. This prohibition includes commercial support and hosting services.

If those are true and we can verify them by looking at your repository, I’ll be happy to set things up for you.